Thursday, March 1, 2012


My friend and I decided to watch the movie 50/50 the other night. We had every intention of going to see it in the theatres, but never made it. So, when I saw it in the RedBox, I decided to grab it.

It is the story of a young man who is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. He is given a 50% chance of survival and enters into chemotherapy. The movie has amusing bits from his best friend who is his biggest supporter. There are awkward moments between him and his young therapist, as well as with his girlfriend. And of course he has a mother who is absolutely crazy with worry. It chronicles the ups and downs of having cancer, the fears and worry. It also demonstrates the need for lots of support. I loved it and cried, of course.

What is missing from the previews is the fact that his father suffers from Alzheimer's. His mother is torn between caring for her husband and caring for her son. His father is present in the discussions about the cancer, but of course has difficulty following all of it. I thought his character was well-played. I appreciated the difficulty in making major medical decisions without the counsel of one of your parents. And I am still ever so grateful that my mother did not have to endure the hell of dealing with the death of my father last year. It would have been so very confusing for her.

I recommend the movie because I simply liked it for its story and for making me cry. (I like tearjerkers.) The part that Alzheimer's plays is quite small, yet still present. Unless you are familiar with it, you aren't necessarily going to notice it.

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  1. Hello, Andrea. I just found your blog, and I'm glad I did. My mother also has dementia (not sure if it's Alzheimer's or some other type). I've had a very difficult past three years caring for her. She is now in an assisted living dementia unit and doing well. I'm looking forward to going back and reading all your posts and sharing your journey. I'm registered for A-Z this year and plan to use dementia and her situation as my theme, so I will definitely be reading your entries from last year. I am at