Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Bras

My family has been a long-time fan of The Golden Girls. I have fond memories of the four of us curling up in the living room every Saturday evening to watch. As the show ended and eventually turned into reruns, we all kept watching. One might say that my father is obsessed.

There is one particular episode in which Sophia makes a comment that she knows she is still okay, because she isn't putting her underwear on outside of her clothes.

One day, I got a message from my father telling me that the Sophia Petrillo moment had happened. Mom was trying to put her bra on outside of the clothes. I burst out laughing.

Yes, I also had a brief moment of a tear or two. But the image in my mind was absolutely priceless. Remember, you have to laugh at Alzheimer's, or you'll go nuts!


  1. LOL my family loved them growing up. Cute post!

  2. That is a priceless story. You have a great attitude. I found you through the A-Z Challenge, and I'm glad I did.

  3. I love that show. I still watch the reruns!

    I'm in the A to Z Challenge, too:

  4. Funny story - made me laugh out loud!

  5. I remember watching Golden Girls on Saturday nights with my grandmother too! And then my mom and grandmother would watch them in reruns at dinner time before she got bad. Then she and my mom became estranged because my grandmother became very mean towards her. But my sisters and I continue to watch the Golden Girls - some more than others like my one sister watches it any time it's on. And I watch it every night before bed. It's a comfort and a surefire way to make us laugh. Sophia resembles my grandmother physically and also in personality. I'm so happy to have found another golden fan!