Tuesday, April 19, 2011

H is for Happiness

I have had the opportunity to visit my mother twice since I came home for spring break. I have been a little distracted by my father, who has been extremely ill, and required brain surgery today. (It went well, thanks.)

I have noticed a massive change in my mother since I was home for Christmas. Now that she is in a home, she is clean. She is being bathed. Someone does her hair and nails. Her clothes match and she is only wearing one layer. (Did I tell you about Christmas, how she kept adding layers of clothes until she had on six tops and two pairs of pants under a skirt?) She is getting the proper medications at the proper times.

And she is happy.

I haven't seen her so happy in a long time. She usually walks around with a smile on her face. She talks about how much she loves this place in which she is staying. She talks about how nice everyone is. And she only seems to have kind memories about everyone she knows. It's such a nice change.


  1. My grandmother lives at my mom's house, but occasionally goes to respite care for a few days. While she doesn't recognize anyone anymore and spends most of her time sleeping or talking to people we can't see, there is a huge difference in her overall mood when she's at my mom's and surrounded by people who care versus the temporary home where she is left alone for long stretches at a time.

    It's hard to see her this way, but good to see her smiling and happy.

  2. Oh that is so wonderful sweetie. I know what this must mean to you. ((hugs))

  3. I worry about these stages. My MIL just turned 81 this month and she's started worrying me moreso in the last year. It's nice when you know they're taken care of and happy. Nice post. I'm coming in from the a-z challenge btw.

  4. It's amazing how taking meds regularly can keep them calm and happy. My mom had to deal with my grandmother's anger for so long until finally, she got her on a regular and uninterrupted medication schedule.