Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Mommy Tribute: G is for Gardening

Because of my mother's farming background, she always did her gardening in a different way than my father. Mom was the queen of straight rows, perfectly lined and balanced. Dad was the artist who thrived on odd numbers and clumps. For that reason, they pretty much agreed to disagree and each one took care of their own garden.

Mom had a big garden in our backyard. Somewhere in a box I have pictures of the big tractor digging it up for us. She wanted to return to her roots and provide some healthy foods for her family. I remember helping her to plant the seeds every year and to help harvest the crops when they were ready. The two plants I remember the most were the green beans (which I love) and the rhubarb (which I can't stand). We also had random asparagus growing in the middle of the backyard. (I hated it then, but enjoy it now.)

When we had food ready to eat, we would enjoy the fresh veggies for dinner. Mom also spent a lot of time canning foods for the fall and winter. It always tasted better than that salty crap in a can. And fresh produce used to hard to come by. I only wish I would have paid more attention to how she did that part of it. I like to grow my own veggies in my own small vegetable patch at my house, but can only enjoy the goodness when it is freshly picked.

Even though my crop isn't nearly as abundant, I still feel close to my mom as I dig in the dirt, planting my bean and tomato plants. I am sure that in her own world in which she lives now, she is out there, as well.

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