Monday, April 30, 2012

My Mommy Tribute: Y is for Young

My parents were older when they had us. Mom turned 37 right after having me and 40 right after having my sister. Most of my friends had parents who were at least 10 years younger. Mom was fully aware of being older. She used to dye her gray hair on a regular basis. I would stand and watch her color her hair. I can almost still smell the dye. I didn't understand that she was so much older, though.

Mom always said that she didn't feel older when she had us. She tried to not be offended when people asked if we were her grandkids. The two of us kept her feeling young and that was more important.

When Mom started to decline, people often asked me how old she was. She is 71, but started showing signs ten years ago. All I hear in response is, "Oh, that is so young." Yes, she is young to be suffering from Alzheimer's. It's sad that it struck her so young. At the same time, it was to her benefit as she got to miss the hell of watching Dad die last year. But at the same time, she is forever young.

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