Monday, April 30, 2012

My Mommy Tribute: T is for Typing

My mother grew up in an era where women were expected to learn all kinds of basic secretarial skills so that they could get a job. Mom learned how to take shorthand and how to properly type. She could run her fingers across that keyboard like no one else I knew. I was also always impressed at how quickly she could type in a set of sums on a calculator or adding machine. She almost never made a mistake.

When we were in elementary school, my parents splurged on their first computer. They needed it to keep track of their business. Plus, Mom was working at the local Montessori school as their bookkeeper, to offset the two tuitions. We were basically not allowed to touch it, but she did eventually buy us a program called "Typing Tutor." It was a game designed to teach kids how to properly type, quickly and accurately. She was determined that her girls were going to have this life skill. We also were not supposed to use the typewriters if we could help it. Ribbon was expensive.

I did well with that typing program. I remember being the nerdy kid who would stay in from recess to type things for the teachers who had never learned how to type. I typed my friends' papers because I was so much faster than their hunt and peck. I kicked butt at "Oregon Trail." Back then, you killed your animals for hunting based on how fast you could type the words "bang" and "pow." I remember having small groups of people standing around me to watch me go.

I am glad that my mother made us learn how to type. It is obviously a skill that I use on a daily basis, even if not in the way that she had imagined.

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  1. it is a wonderful skill to have--it was something most of my classmates took in school, back in the day--glad to see you back :)