Monday, April 30, 2012

My Mommy Tribute: W is for Words

Mom loved words. She loved to play word games. My great-grandmother on Dad's side of the family was also a fan of word games. Mom often went to visit her in the nursing home and the two of them would play Scrabble. Grandma Belle would abruptly decide that a game was over, close up the game and announce that it was time for Mom to go home. But they enjoyed their weekly games.

Every once in a while when I was a kid, my mother would bring out the special edition Scrabble game that she and my father owned. They didn't want us to ruin the set; we had a tendency to lose pieces to our games. We ended up with our own word games, such as Boggle and Upwords. After I moved to New York, I often played word games with Mom when we would visit each other. By then she didn't care about following the rules. I would decimate her by using slang and foreign words, because I knew so many in a bunch of different languages. She didn't care. It was more important that we were spending time together and laughed a lot.

To pass the time, Mom started doing a lot of word search puzzles. It was her way of keeping her mind active. It was difficult for her to read, but she could still focus on one word at a time. She had dozens of those books lying all around the house. No matter where she went, she could do a puzzle.

When she moved into the nursing home, we made sure she had a good stock of them available to her. She had a tendency to leave them lying around there in random places, as well. I believe she even got in trouble a couple of times for trying to take some away from the other residents, believing them to be hers.

I don't know how frequently she is using those at this time. So many of those things are difficult for her to do anymore. But if she does, I know she is enjoying them.

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