Monday, April 30, 2012

My Mommy Tribute: V is for Violets

My mother was a big fan of houseplants. She had this giant cogwheel table that sat in the front window of our living room. It was one of the pieces of furniture that she purchased when she met my father. On it, she had a variety of plants. What worked well for that table was that you could turn it to be able to reach all of the plants for watering. You could also turn it to give the plants a chance to grow evenly in the sunlight. I loved that table.

One of her favorite plants to grow was the African violet. She had them in every color imaginable. She couldn't go to The Anderson's store without checking them out and often left with another one. They were her pride and joy. I inherited a love for them from her and used to keep several of my own in my home.

When Mom moved into her room at the nursing home, I hoped she would still be able to take care of the violets she loved so much. I brought her all of the ones from her house after Dad died and purchased a couple of new ones. A huge sign that she was losing her faculties was that the plants quickly died because she couldn't remember how to take care of them. I think that in her mind, though, she still takes care of them on a regular basis and that makes her happy.

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  1. Norma truly did have the most gorgeous African violets of anyone I've known. I, too, can still picture that table filled with beauty in front of the sunny window!

    Auntie Carol