Monday, April 30, 2012

My Mommy Tribute: X is for Xendochial

Thanks to my favorite resource for this challenge, The Phrontistery, I found yet another great word to describe my mom. "Xendochial" means "hospitable; kindly to strangers." That describes my mother to a T. (Or in this case an X?)

My parents were always very accommodating to friends and family in need. Their dinner table was always open for a meal, whether or not it was a holiday. They often put up my friends who needed a place to stay for a few weeks. They liked to take care of everyone.

As for the strangers, my mom was like the motherly figure of wisdom to a lot of the young couples that came into their furniture store. She would spend hours at the desk, talking to the young parents-to-be. She was like an unpaid counselor for some of them. I remember one particularly lonely woman would stay at the store up to two hours after we were closed. Her husband worked nights and she had no family in town. For a few years after she had her baby, we often took care of him.

Mom just had that friendly and comforting look on her face that allowed people to trust her as soon as they met her. Who knows how many lives she was able to touch?

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